Filters and Elements Custom Made

Individual Solutions

We realize that the need of every customer is different. OEMs and some major distributors need their own labeling and/or colour and so would distributors who would like to stand out. Customers who are into servicing and rental of compressed air systems are always looking for replacement elements which are equally efficient yet more cost effective. They are also frequently looking for filter elements which are no longer produced, phased out or hard to find- here at Airfilter Engineering (AFE) that can be easily done with the actual drawing or sample of the element which you will like to reproduce. Our clientele includes not only our own distributors that offer our own range of AFE Compressed Air Filters Elements; but many others across the globe that also trust the AFE quality to help them achieve their goals. For many years Airfilter Engineering has offered the following customisation to our valued customers for a reasonable minimum order quantity (MOQ): Airfilter Engineering has a dedicated R&D team working on special projects to suit your needs everyday. Contact us today to find out how we can make it better!

Individual Solutions

1. Colour of compressed air filter housings
We can powder coat the colour of the filter housing to your choice, and with your company logo as well.

2. Colour of filter elements
We change the colour of the foam socks of the filter elements to your choice.

3. Make a special element or filter housings to your design and dimensions
Send us drawings or actual samples of something which you would like us to produce for you.