Filters and Elements Custom Made

Individual Solutions

We real­ize that the need of every cus­tomer is dif­fer­ent. OEMs and some major dis­trib­u­tors need their own label­ing and/or colour and so would dis­trib­u­tors who would like to stand out. Cus­tomers who are into ser­vic­ing and rental of com­pressed air sys­tems are always look­ing for replace­ment ele­ments which are equal­ly effi­cient yet more cost effec­tive. They are also fre­quent­ly look­ing for fil­ter ele­ments which are no longer pro­duced, phased out or hard to find- here at Air­fil­ter Engi­neer­ing (AFE) that can be eas­i­ly done with the actu­al draw­ing or sam­ple of the ele­ment which you will like to repro­duce. Our clien­tele includes not only our own dis­trib­u­tors that offer our own range of AFE Com­pressed Air Fil­ters Ele­ments; but many oth­ers across the globe that also trust the AFE qual­i­ty to help them achieve their goals. For many years Air­fil­ter Engi­neer­ing has offered the fol­low­ing cus­tomi­sa­tion to our val­ued cus­tomers for a rea­son­able min­i­mum order quan­ti­ty (MOQ): Air­fil­ter Engi­neer­ing has a ded­i­cat­ed R&D team work­ing on spe­cial projects to suit your needs every­day. Con­tact us today to find out how we can make it bet­ter!

Individual Solutions

1. Colour of com­pressed air fil­ter hous­ings
We can pow­der coat the colour of the fil­ter hous­ing to your choice, and with your com­pa­ny logo as well.

2. Colour of fil­ter ele­ments
We change the colour of the foam socks of the fil­ter ele­ments to your choice.

3. Make a spe­cial ele­ment or fil­ter hous­ings to your design and dimen­sions
Send us draw­ings or actu­al sam­ples of some­thing which you would like us to pro­duce for you.